4 Reasons why you need Temporary Fencing at Construction Sites

Do you ever walk past any construction site and notice that there’s temporary fencing installed around it.

Have you ever wondered why they have it there? 

Well, the very first reason that might come to you will be, there are local building regulations for any construction sites to comply for safety and security reasons. This being true, there are several other relevant reasons for using it. 

This blog will help you with some of the right reasons why every construction site must have temporary fencing in Melbourne and how they are beneficial for the workers and the passers-by. 

Let’s begin! 

Restricting the entrance of unwanted people and vehicles

Protection of workers and pedestrians is your liability. 

Empty homes undergoing renovations, new home builds, and construction sites can be attractive to individuals who look to cause trouble. Installing temporary fencing will keep unauthorised people from entering building sites. 

Clear information about the construction is underway. 

Well, everyone agrees on the fact that construction sites can be dangerous. 

Putting up appropriate signage and temporary fencing can make it visible to any passer-by that they need to keep away from the area. 

Prevention of materials and debris from the site 

Getting temporary fencing also assists in preventing the runoff from the soil and further helps to minimise the dust levels from construction. 

We all know construction sites can be a mess full of dirt and dust. It’s essential to protect the surrounding places and passers-by from any debris that’s collected at the building site. 

Complying with the regulations for building sites 

As per the law, a temporary fence must be erected from the commencement of work until at least the lockup stage of the building. 

If you go through the Safe Work Australia Construction Work Code of Practice, it states that a construction workspace with workers must be adequately secured from any unauthorised access. Even if you’re building a pool, the law recommends to fence it around for health and safety reasons. 

So, now you know why temporary fencing at construction sites are so important. There are various other yet similar reasons for event fence hire as well. But, let’s discuss that in another blog. 

We hope this blog was helpful to you!

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